7 tips on choosing the right property manager in Auckland

Elements to consider when choosing the right property manager in Auckland

Property management is no joke. It can be costly and tedious to deal with when it goes wrong. Take your time and choose the right property management company or agent to help you with your property. It is worth investing in one.

There are many elements to consider when choosing the right property manager in Auckland for your home and investment. We came up with a few key points that will help guide you in selecting the right property manager:

    1.  A good property management service is one that provides a training service for their property managers, this is a good sign that you’re receiving the best management service for your investment. As well as knowing your property is in capable hands.
    2.  Do they have the right market knowledge? Ensuring your property manager knows about your area and has extensive knowledge of the local market, this is important when choosing the right property manager for your home and investment. Property managers that know the area well will know how to advertise your property efficiently to get it rented out quickly to the right tenants.
    3.  Ensure you meet the property manager in person or have a phone call with them. By doing this you can determine if they have good customer service skills needed when dealing with new and existing tenants.
    4.  Ask for the property managers past work, previous ways of advertising other properties and a sample of the inspection report they use. This can help you make your decision on whether this property manager is right for your home and investment.
    5.  Responsive and quick; a good property manager needs to be responsive and quick when managing your investment and the tenants. If the property manager takes a long time to respond to enquiries this gives an indication that they may not be quick to respond when it comes down to it.
    6.  Strong marketing strategies are an important skill your property manager must have. With a good marketing strategy comes an influx of tenants, providing you with a large choice for your home.
    7.  Choose the best property manager, not the cheapest. When managing your investment you want someone well trained with good recommendations as this ensure you’re getting the best return on investment. Choose someone who has the personality, skills and experience to manage your property in Auckland.

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