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Parkit Property management are specialist property managers servicing Albany as well as the greater North Shore Auckland region. With over 20 years of experience getting quality, reliable returns, we provide landlords with trouble-free property investment income and easy tenancy management.

Hillcrest is a sunny suburb surrounded by Northcote, Birkenhead and Beach Haven on the North Shore of Auckland. Built by a Hong Kong trust there is a developing Chinese community throughout. Hillcrest is located centrally on the North Shore making it accessible to North shore events, Shopping malls, and parks where morning walks are a must.

With Hillcrest’s current average rent price for a three-bedroom being $590 per week, we have a team of professionals that can ensure rental rates maintain the average rent price. As Auckland property prices increase and people looking to leave central Auckland continues, and people looking to leave central Auckland increases, the opportunity for landlord and investors is heading to the North Shore. With the recent development in the early 2000s, Hillcrest is now booming with untapped potential ideal for renters, or investors.
If your looking for a professional and trusted management service that can take care of your property in Hillcrest then get in touch with Parkit, Hillcrest Property Management company where we can guarantee premium returns: contact our team today.


We are a boutique Auckland Property Management company who specialise in managing a small portfolio of quality properties that attracts reliable quality tenants. As property owners ourselves, we understand the importance of finding the right tenants for your property and so we implement a thorough interview process, including verifying tenants rental, employment and financial history.

All our property managers are experienced, with most owning their own rental investments, and with a service ethos that is second to none.


Tenant selection is extremely important in the management of any rental property and we believe when managing Auckland properties, the most important decision is the choice of tenants. Parkit Management checks on employment records, credit history and personal references to ensure your tenant is reliable and trustworthy.

When prospecting for tenants, we invest in marketing your rental property, to ensure we always get the right trustworthy tenant for your investment property. This, just one of our many tactics which come with 20+ years of experience in serving the needs of landlords and investors, while building long-term relationships with tenants and investors alike.

Other initiatives when sourcing the right tenant

  • We regularly carry out thorough inspections of our managed properties.
  • We do not rent to smokers.
  • We do not allow pets.
  • We are totally focused on delivering you a trouble-free income.

We also maintain the property throughout, with regular property inspections and reports so you can keep on top of your investment and returns.

If you are a property investor who ‘s looking to work with an accomplished, local Property Management Company then Parkit Management is for you. We’ve seen the ups and downs of property prices, interest rates and continuous regulatory intervention. We pride ourselves in having a team who consistently deliver high yields, carefully selected tenants and low maintenance costs.
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We pride ourselves on keeping up with current legislation with the Residential Tenancies Act and the Health & Safety Act 2015. Obviously we have up to date software accountancy packages that allow us to know on a daily basis if all rental is paid up to date.


We engage only qualified, trustworthy cost effective tradesmen and repair professionals. They provide fair market rates for their services and guarantee their work. Our prompt payment policy is recognized and ensures we enjoy reliable and responsive attention.


Your property is required by law to meet EECA compliance standards (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority). Should your property require upgraded insulation to meet new Insulation Requirements (NZ Tenancy Services T30 (10/16), MB13712), Parkit can assist with the provision of cost effective solutions including initial assessment, installation or upgrade. To ensure you get the best price, our process includes obtaining 3rd party quotes. If required our service may extend to project management. If required our service may extend to project management, at negligible cost to our owners.

Your income from rental property is too important to risk. Let us provide you with a trouble free rental property solution.

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